Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Japandroids: Not Nickelback, but not thrilling either

I like the Japandroids.  I really do.  So I want to like that "The House That Heaven Built" won the Canucks' cleverly-dubbed NU2 contest.  Of the six choices, they're the closest to my own personal taste in music (which isn't saying much given the possibilities).  But forgive me, local indie talent, I'm simply not convinced. 

Maybe it's because I belong to the growing minority that still can't imagine the Canucks coming out to anything else but the Edge's reverberating guitar.  So sweet.  Quite possibly it's because YouTube just can't do justice to the live experience.  Any way you cut it, I still get the sense that, in person or not, punk rock just does not fit.  If you want something unrefined and somewhat juvenile, you can cheer for the Oilers and play it when they come out on the ice. 

But that's not to say that some good didn't come out of this.  Straight up, it's not Nickelback.  Now there's a band I would be forced to run and hide from if I heard them at Rogers Arena.  Between Chad Kroeger and the riots, I don't know what has given Vancouver a worse name over the years.

Also, this NU2 business marked the first and probably last time that both Pitchfork and Exclaim! reported on the Canucks.  Indie rock shap.  I liked it.  Went straight from the Canucks to In Medias Res in one click (word to the musically-wise...another good local band). 

On the other hand, however, the Canucks might prefer that Pitchfork tempers their coverage for now.  If the Chili Peppers in their prime can get a lukewarm review, I don't even wanna imagine what the Canucks' last two games deserves.

Anyways, here's to giving the Japandroids and Rogers Arena a chance, nonetheless.


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