Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Canucks monthly recap [Top 5 Plays of October]

Back in 2013, this blog ran a series of filler monthly Canucks recaps complete with 'top five' videos. And much like the Sedins so far this season, that monthly feature is being officially resurrected. Unfortunately, much like Luca Sbisa on any given shift, the timing is also already just a little bit off. So let's forget that the Canucks are already three games into November and take a look back at the team's best during the first calendar month of the season.

Not a bad start for the new regime. Some quick thoughts:

*Nick Bonino is surprisingly lethal off the rush. Perhaps owing to the fact that defencemen and goalies know there is an actual possibility he could pass to a linemate. Refreshing to see for a second line centre.

*In Ryan Miller, the Canucks have an all-star goalie who a) wants to be here and b) is firmly entrenched on the depth chart. Again, a mind-blowing rendition of Canucks hockey.

*Radim Vrbata just might have saved the Sedins careers. Another 50-point season from Henrik and he likely would not have been long for the Markus Naslund treatment in Vancouver.

A month in and Benning's got his fingerprints all over the Canucks' success thus far. Among his three highest-profile acquisitions, the early returns have either met or exceeded expectations. As demonstrated above, they also happen to be extremely fun to watch.



Radim Vbata: The Canucks' shiniest new toy and the top ten goals of his career
Luongo's 67th shutout vs Patrick Roy
Bure's Triple Deke on YouTube


  1. bonino's snipe versus washington could be in here..

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