What I say about BTD

Bure's Triple Deke is one guy with a very uneven distribution of time on his hands. He is a Psychology major who spent his first two years of undergrad writing these Wikipedia articles instead of doing his research. He is an English minor who didn't discover that one space versus two is the standard after periods until a couple months ago.

He is lived the dream as an intern with the Vancouver Canucks and their outrageously talented Community Department in 2013. And as one such Community Department supervisor once pointed out, he is not even old enough to lucidly remember Bure's goal against Mike Vernon.

What others say about BTD

According to Canucks Army and Pass it to Bulis, BTD is a Canucks blog here to "make you get sad and stuff" and "to indulge your natural sense of self-loathing". I am actually a happy person, but I nonetheless owe endless gratitude to these two mega-blogs for promoting my writing. If not for them, my entire readership would still likely consist exclusively of my sister, girlfriend and best friend (erm...all separate people).

What BTD says to you

Visit every once in a while and I promise new and unique content that you hopefully won't find in most places. I stress "once in a while", because I do want to get around to that Psych research eventually and I do want to see my girlfriend on the weekends.

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